Thursday, February 18, 2010

I rode!

Next month will be two years from my foot injury and last rides. My lovely boarders have two safe and wonderful mares that I have gotten on a couple of times lately to walk a circle or two, but today is the first time I put my metal plate in a tennis shoe and got on Gitano. It was unbelievably windy, he just bred Dehesa last night and there are mares screaming in heat....maybe not the perfect scenario for me to become a beginner rider again but somehow one knows Gitano will take care of you. I chickened out after I felt that Gitano was more interested in the mare across from the fence than my lackluster cues in the front paddock and went into the roundpen and will do that a few times to get my sealegs and balance feeling back. I have to admit I was nervous. When I commented how big and strong Gitano feels, Valente said I was expecting a tricycle but I got on a motorcycle. Isn't that the truth! I simply cannot have any more injuries and so must take this in my not-usual way of being cautious but I AM going to get back to riding!!!!! How lucky to have a magical gentle giant to put up with me as I find my seat and confidence.
I am still totally enthralled with Fantasma's little Oaxaca and the dna came back with no grey gene so she is black on top of being a little enchantress. Interesting that Gitano threw three black fillies last year, all from non-black mares! One in Michigan, one for my friend Donna and now one here!
I hope the worst of the winter is soon over for everyone and the spring brings lots of green grass, a better economy and good things for us all. In the meantime, I'll stay glued by night to watching the Olympics and hopefully a little at a time, glued by day in a saddle.

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