Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gotta love April!

This lovely girl is Romantica, daughter of Gitano and out of Gentileza--the third of this cross and as special as the first two were!  Sold within 6 hours of birth, this photo taken at 4 days old.

Names this year starting with R and what more perfect than to name the first of the year that is a Remate granddaughter for Lesley's gorgeous painting of Remate entitled "The Romantic".   That she is such a sweetie makes the name fit too.

First time mom Niza is outdoing herself in kindness, attentiveness but not overly nervous with her bay Wanapum son, Realengo.  Realengo means "kingly" or "royalty" and he has an enormous personality packed in his few day old body.  I think his photo should appear whenever the term "animal magnitism" is used--he makes me laugh every time I enter the stall or get near him.   And first spring one for sale since Romeo and Romantica are sold!

Julie and Wanapum head to a dressage show this weekend in Michigan, will be hosting revision next week, have 4 visiting mares and one stallion here to breed, and family coming into town next week to visit.   So many fun things going on which balance out the fact I turn a year older in April!

Another big excitement for me is we have our black mare, Otamisia, confirmed in foal to our black, Kairo for our first baby coming spring, 2014.    No rationale person breeds a young stallion at age 2, but I simply couldn't wait and lo and behold, these two first time breeders paired like veterans and Ota got pregnant first try.   I hope will be the first of many blacks since so many people want them.  It took many years for me to finally find the dark bay I wanted in Gitano.  It has taken equally as many years to find the black stallion I wanted for my breeding stallion and Kairo is for sure the one.   Otamisia means "perfection" and she is stunning.   We have a number of other mares that may have black some day with Kairo and for sure, our black weanling filly will throw black with Kairo.   I now have all the color bases covered so this means I will never want another horse.  Right?   Well, except every single baby that is born...

Our boarder qh/tb mare will be next to foal and then Conesa so will keep anyone interested posted.  I hope your April is filled with beauty and enjoyment, like mine.    T

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