Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby magic

Okay, so not the most flattering photo of me, but my friend took this one of her QH/TB mare's day old Gitano daughter, Conesa, and I taking a nap in the sun!    More proof that I love the horses who end up here as boarders or otherwise at my place just as much as my own.  This filly is a particular gem!

Has been an exciting week.   First time mom produced a wonderful Wanapum bay colt I named Realengo just in time for us to host Revision.   Dr. Arnau Garriga was here and a lovely and charming man that I got to spend a little time with.   Under the new rules, Ancce is now taking measurements of every spot and angle one can think of, from the length of lips to the width of forehead all the way to the hind end of the horse.  In addition, inspection includes movement in a walk, trot and canter in each direction.  The entire process was almost an hour for each horse.   I am pleased with the changes as the criteria will gradually get more and more stringent and the approval process have more meaning.

 I am happy that Niza is now revised, even though getting her lunging with her brand new baby was not as pretty as it was 2 years ago when we showed her in the pre classes and she behaved without trying to be such a good mom!  Thanks to those who brought their horses here to be approved so that there were enough horses that I was allowed to host.

The other news that I am most excited about is that my great friend, trainer Julie Van Zee in Michigan, took Wanapum to his first big dressage show.   As she had no way of predicting how Wan might respond to the more crowded venue than the pre classes at our IALHA national show, she signed up for 4 first level tests.   Lo and behold, Julie and Wan were the first level grand champions!   I am so thankful to Julie for wanting to work with Wan and so proud of him.   Hopefully, in June, he'll be at another show and at second level.

Pictured above, Lady had a special bay Gitano filly and now we await Conesa's foal for the last spring baby.   We are working at getting everyone back in foal and have 4 outside mares currently as guests to breed.   A hopping and happy time at Herradura.  That is alot of H's....

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