Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great news

The vet here today to sonogram some mares. Strangely enough, with our ever changing and bizarre weather, the mares are having ever changing and bizarre cycles.
The good news is that Dolly is pregnant--bred back to Gitano.
The even more momentous news is that we cannot hear Nebridius' heart murmur any more!!!! I knew there was a chance the heart flap that appeared to be open at birth would close on its own, but he was so limp and weak at birth that I didn't get my hopes up. The vet said today that he thinks that worry is over. Talk about Christmas wishes being granted! Nebridius still has some catching up to do compared to the other babies and has the illformed ears but I care not about cosmetic issues if he can have a healthy life. I could never justify keeping geldings around who couldn't contribute to the breeding program so perhaps this guy is meant to be my riding horse down the line????
Congrats to the Martinez family who are buying Nastia (Isabelina x Hereje TG) who is pictured relaxing in the pasture and thank you.

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  1. Hooray for the vanishing murmur!!!! I am so glad to hear it!! And your blog is wonderful...GOOD FOR YOU!!! More news and pictures...I demand it!