Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last spring foal arrived

This is Riqueza, (Conesa x Gitano) and a great way to end this spring's foaling season!   Leggy, feminine and sweet, pending dna verification of color, she is hopefully sold.  As I predicted last blog post, Conesa chose a cold night so we took down fans, turned on heaters, locked down windows and welcomed this beautiful filly into the world.

We still are busy breeding before the heat forces me indoors more hours than out.    Two of the outside mares were confirmed in foal and headed home and Sylvanna shipped out to her forever home in California and lucky Quebracho arrived yesterday in his dream home in New Mexico.   I've gotten great reports of Quintina and Octavia settling in well in New Jersey and Florida, respectively, so the revolving door spins with horses coming and going.

Riqueza is Gitano's first and for sure I'll be breeding Conesa back to Gitano unless the gentleman asking to buy Conesa's next, if a colt, in utero, decides he would prefer another stallion.   Destinada didn't take the two cycles that we bred her to Hereje so I trust nature is telling me something and bred her last week back to Gitano.     I have not heard back from a couple of people with mares who supposedly wanting to breed to one of mine and reminder, if you are reading this, that in the next couple of weeks, we will stop breeding until next October.
Crazy as it seems, I have two horse surprises coming so check back with us for more news.  Our thoughts and prayers to everyone who has been affected by the terrifying weather extremes.

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