Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy holidays, 2010

A bittersweet holiday season for my family. Thanks to all the folks who have wished us well. My wonderful father passed away on November 17th. My sister and nephews from Atlanta came as did my sister and niece from California and we had a very small, informal gathering at my dad's golf course where he belonged for so many years. A long and blessed life by any standard--60 year marriage, 30+ years with his company from which he retired and 4 children and 5 grandchildren who adored him and a painless passing but still a huge loss to those of us who loved Dad.

My mom has moved in with me and we are adjusting--me from my solitude and selfabsorbed schedule of not having anyone around to worry about meals and such--mom to giving up her home of 37 years and many of her things. She has her own "stuff" set up in the barn apartment that is quite charming, actually, but spends most of her awake time in my house so I can monitor better.

On to horsey news, we continue to be charmed by the enormous Dolly x Gitano filly born in October, Octavia--fearless and friendly and just makes one smile. Next came Onemisio (pictured with my xmas decorations that my dad made years ago with this entry) and this is a little powerhouse! Someone wanting the old style shorter, big round necked stallion will fall for this guy and talk about movement. Gasp is all I can say. The last but not least of our fall group is Odalisca, Karateka's first filly and by Hereje. As would expect, Odalisca is calm, big boned and just uncomplicated and feel-good like her line of Kara, Estepa, Marengo, et al. It sounds trite, but I do count my blessings when 3 come out in good health and each perfect in his/her own personalities and body styles.
Apologies to everyone that I am so behind in corresponding or getting back to. Selling my parents' house which seems impossible to empty, helping mom adjust, breeding back, getting some horses on their way to new homes, xmas shopping and decorating and the rest (oh yeah, law practice in there somewhere!) has me feeling a bit overwhelmed so thanks to everyone for understanding. I know your holiday season is equally as busy and I hope a happy one.

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