Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow--2010 has started off with a bang. Literally. My first January day to work, had a carwreck on the way home but not hurt and other driver's insurance seems to be acting appropriately so hoping to get my car fixed this week.
A photoshopped image of Hereje is the cover of a 2010 calendar--in fact, his image is on 4 of the different months for anybody that may have his offspring and wants a neat keepsake. It continues to be fun that Bob Langrish gets good shots of my horses and uses them on so many magazines, books and calendars. Bob will be back in April and I yearn for some great shots of Wanapum.
Speaking of the devil, Wanapum's dressage lessons are really coming along and we just learned that Habana is in foal to him for an October, 2010 foal. Since most of my mares are either too pregnant to ship or have a baby at side, I have, sadly, added Habana to my sale list as some money just has to come in soon. Habana's last year's filly, Niagara, heads to her permanent home in Las Vegas on Jan. 29.
I have two boarder horses and surprise to noone, I adore them both. I'd love more boarders for the income, but only people and horses that I adore. Not too picky, huh?
Somehow, knowing the whole country has had an all-time cold winter makes our weird weather more bearable (as is knowing EVERYONE is suffering from the economy) so spending time on inside projects when not de-icing buckets. In next couple of weeks, am replacing the entire roof on my house and so inside, have started painting and spiffing up. Added a page to my website for sale stuff as cleaning out closets and realizing how much stuff I have accumulated that we never use.
The next mare, Fantasma, due to foal isn't looking terribly close yet and as the fall babies are getting to be big and independent, I am ready for new ones, as always. Then maybe Fantasia and Karina due in March when Hada will be back here to foal out and rebreed--can't wait to see her again. Also will be foaling out one of Donna's mares---since I don't have nearly as many as I used to, I'm importing extras to be part of those wondrous births!
I sincerely wish each of you a prosperous and healthy, happy 2010.

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